Kindness Pencil : I will Share: Kindness Stories for kids

Kindness Pencil : I will Share: Kindness Stories for kids

Written by:
Aaron Chandler
Narrated by:
Erica Hazelton
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Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
January 2021
0 hours 5 minutes
Kindness Pencil – Book 7 – I’ll Share—explores the effects on children’s feelings and emotions, when it comes to sharing.

Sharing is a great concept, yet it can also be a little complicated for young children, because they aren’t mature enough to resist all of their impulses.

Parents need to acknowledge that their child is not being deliberately rude by refusing to share.

Kindness Pencil is for any child who needs a little encouragement in sharing.

Amanda has a sharing drama! From learning to share her stuffed animals, to sharing books,

Kindness Pencil encourages your children to share their toys, goodies, etc.—which they generally do not like to part from, even for a while.

The best book for raising generous children who would make the world a better place.
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