King James Version Holy Bible - The Five Books of Moses

King James Version Holy Bible - The Five Books of Moses

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George Vafiadis
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February 2021
15 hours 53 minutes
Learn about the early foundations of Judaism and Christianity in the King James Version of the five books of Moses.

The five books of Moses are referred to as the Pentateuch, and encompasses the first five books of the Old Testament: Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, and Deuteronomy. These books give the foundation for Jewish law and religion, and outlined the covenants given to Jewish people by their God. It is also largely the story of Moses, the man chosen to lead God’s people into the home he had placed for them.

Genesis – Genesis is a narrative about the beginnings of life, the Earth, and God’s provenance over humans. This book contains many of the most well-known Bible stories: creation, the Garden of Eden and fall of man, Noah and the flood, Joseph sold by his brothers into slavery, and more. This book sets up the covenants that God made with his chosen people.

Exodus – Exodus is the continuation of the overarching story started in Genesis of God choosing a group of people to deliver from hardship in exchange for their obedience to him. Exodus tells the famous story of Moses rescuing the Israelites from slavery in Egypt, the plagues God sent upon the Egyptians, the first Passover, and the giving of the 10 commandments, as well as many other laws for God’s believers to follow.

Leviticus – Leviticus is a book full of laws, rituals, and moral statements. This book is a detailed account of all of the commands and instructions given by God to Moses to convey to the Israelites for how to live as God’s people.

Numbers – Numbers is the beginning of the Israelites’ journey to take Canaan, the Promised Land, into their own possession. They prepare for their trek but end up not following through on the orders from God, and are punished for their lack of faith by never reaching the Promised Land for themselves.

Deuteronomy – After the Israelites are condemned to never see the Promised Land, they wander for 40 years in the desert, with Moses delivering sermons and diatribes on the laws set in place. Deuteronomy follows the final days of Moses, his passing of leadership to Joshua, and his death.
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