Written by:
Dani René
Narrated by:
Troy Duran , Elizabeth Hart

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
May 2019
6 hours 33 minutes
She wasn't meant to fall in love with me. And she certainly wasn't meant to see the monster I hide. My emotions were firmly locked away, never to be found, but as much as I control most things in life, I couldn't control my heart.

She exposed my darkest desires, and begged for them and I unleashed hell on her body, while I shattered her heart. I made her kneel, but in that moment I broke the only jewel I ever owned.

What will she do when she learns the truth I hide?

Behind every shattered heart is a fractured soul. I was always broken. He believes he's responsible, but he wasn't the one to fragment my sanity.

Even though he hid his depravity behind a suit and tie, I uncovered it. And I found more to the monster. In our darkness, I discovered emotion so profound I hungered for it. Begged for him to give me everything he could. The one thing I didn't count on was my heart getting in the way. I did kneel. I did care. And then I fell.

What will he do when he sees my tormented pieces?

Contains mature themes.
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The book is a bit to dark with BDSM stuff for my liking. The storyline was ok and narrators suited their roles.

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Claire T.

I mostly enjoyed the book, but at times it felt as if the author was trying to be unnecessarily profound. I thought that the narrators were both good, but they both need to work on their opposite gender voices. Overall I enjoyed the story and there were some very steamy scenes as well

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