Lady Barbarina

Written by:
Henry James
Narrated by:
Nicholas Clifford

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
September 2023
3 hours 52 minutes
Immerse yourself in the romantic allure of 'Lady Barbarina' by Henry James. This audiobook whisks you away to the elegant world of British aristocracy, where love and societal expectations collide. Through the eyes of the charming American protagonist, you'll experience the contrasts between Old World traditions and New World perspectives. James' exquisite storytelling delves into the complexities of identity, culture, and personal desires. With its exploration of cross-cultural relationships and the clash between tradition and modernity, the story offers a timeless reflection on the challenges of finding love across boundaries. Prepare to be enchanted by a narrative that captures the nuances of the heart and the ever-present struggle between convention and individuality.
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