Last Light

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
October 2005
11 hours 25 minutes
The first installment in a thrilling series in which a global catastrophe puts a family’s survival at risk—and both reveals the darkness in human hearts and lights the way to restoration.

Birmingham, Alabama, has lost all power. Its streets are jammed with cars that won’t start and its airport is engulfed in flames from burning planes. All communications—cell phones, computers, even radios—are silent. Every home and business is dark. Is it a natural disaster, a terrorist attack, or something far worse?

In the face of a crisis that sweeps an entire high-tech planet back to a time before electricity, the Branning family faces a choice. Will they hoard their possessions in order to survive—or trust God to provide as they share their resources with those around them? Yesterday’s world is gone. Family and community are all that remain. And the outage is revealing the worst in some.

Desperation can be dangerous—especially when a killer lives among them.

- Full-length suspense novel
- The exciting first book in the Restoration series:
- Book 1: Last Light
- Book 2: Night Light
- Book 3: True Light
- Book 4: Dawn’s Light
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Cheryl S.

wonderful book. Spell binding. I wasn't sure about it at first because it was so intense, but the ending is totally worth it. The author's epilogue at the end seemed like an echo of my own thoughts throughout the book as I marvel again over the richness of the blessing I have of being the child of my Creator Yahweh that nothing and no one can take from me no matter what happens.

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Beverly R.

Love this book! It is something that makes you think about what if?!!

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