The Last Of The Mohicans - A Narrative of 1757

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Book Rating (48)

Narrator Rating (18)

Written By: James Fenimore Cooper

Narrated By: Gary W. Sherwin

Date: January 2016

Duration: 17 hours 22 minutes


The Last of the Mohicans is an epic novel by James Fenimore Cooper, first published in January 1826.


  • Cas S

    We found the narration not engaging.. therefore didn't finish the book. Not necessarily the narrators but the words too

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  • Jan C.

    Both the narration and the stilted language (by today’s standard) are difficult to stay engaged with. Stopped listening after about an hour.

  • FearFactor

    Terrible reading. Could not finish even though I love the book.

  • Curtis G.

    The way this was narrated was horrible - reading in footnotes etc. I stopped listening to it

  • Michele P.

    This book is excellent. Fortunately, I read it myself during high school as part of my American History studies for extra credit so I know how it ends, etc. I say fortunately, because I couldn't finish it this time solely due to the narrator. Sorry, but not sorry. This is going to be harsh, volunteer or not, because this narrator, single-handedly, made me stop reading a book I love and walk......away. To silence, rather than listen to one more second of whatever he was doing to this book's classic, elegant, narrative, because it wasn't reading it. Wow. But let me tell you, and everyone else interested in reading this, or not, why. This narrator turned a page-turning, flowing saga of epic expansiveness during revolutionary times, and vanishing worlds, into a rude, crass, stressful, long-winded, arduously plodding, torturous slog of complete selfish inconsideration for the captive listener at the mercy of such grotesquely inexplicable, and indescribable, forced bad accents, forced character "voices", shockingly offensive shrill manspeaking women's dialog and just painstakingly slooooow narrating pace of a fast paced novel. All unnecessarily done. On purpose. Wow. In this novel, most all of the character dialog is multi person groups in some sort of distressful situation, so the narrator descended rapidly into out-of-control breathlessness, especially from the manspeaking shrill of the women's dialog, which is throughout, clearly sounding panicked from it himself in his being over his head in his exceptionally bad choice of "role playing" this epic. And doing it VERY badly, at that. Yet, he actually.........continued :0 As the unmistakable sounds of the narrator being winded, as though from running a marathon, taking hold early on within first chapter from so much "role playing" the complex epic narrative, which is meant to be READ as written, was causing things to take a rapid turn for the horrifying to unfold; At first, I thought to myself this won't last, and obviously he hears himself and will stop soon. Nope. So, after taking three chapters of this......this.....whatever it was it wasn't a good read (literally), I, metaphorically, ripped my airpods from my ears and ran screaming from that place of torture to find solace from it's audible offenses elsewhere far FAR from it.......In reality I just stopped the playback and sat staring at the wind in disbelieving shock someone could do something like that to a classic.............Wow. That hurt. My ears. Some of these books can be a real slog through if a narrator reads as though to a child, or adds to the completion time by forgetting it's a book, and not a stage play to hone one's acting "skills". When the narrator is getting "lost in the role(s)", so does the narrative's flow to the listener. I am frustrated by the frequency of this, as the listener is a captive audience, as most books don't have other narrator options, as can be said for many of us listeners (no choice in listening, or we don't get to read it). This is not just the free ones, by the way.

  • Anonymous

    Very hard to listen to. His word pronunciation are horrible

  • joel lafrance

    A really good book and a very good listen, I would recommend this book to anyone at at anytime.

Last Of The Mohicans - A Narrative of 1757

by James Fenimore Cooper

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Last Of The Mohicans - A Narrative of 1757, James Fenimore Cooper
Last Of The Mohicans - A Narrative of 1757, James Fenimore Cooper
This title is due for release on January 1, 2016.

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Last Of The Mohicans - A Narrative of 1757, James Fenimore Cooper
This title is due for release on January 1, 2016
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Last Of The Mohicans - A Narrative of 1757, James Fenimore Cooper
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Last Of The Mohicans - A Narrative of 1757, James Fenimore Cooper

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