Law of Attraction: Manifesting Love, Money & Sucess with 27 Guided Meditation and Hypnosis Sessions

Law of Attraction: Manifesting Love, Money & Sucess with 27 Guided Meditation and Hypnosis Sessions

Narrated by:
Whitney Ann Jenkins
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Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
July 2021
15 hours 3 minutes
Have you noticed how some people are just plain lucky?It seems like good things and great opportunities just fall into their laps, everything goes their way, and they seem to be perfectly happy people.

I'm going to let you in on a secret: That can be you!

This audiobook is part of the longest Hypnosis Bundle ever created: 'Hypnosis Bundle 50h' and builds on the Law of Attraction. This title contains 27 guided hypnosis & meditation sessions that will teach you all about the Law of Attraction and have you manifesting your ideal life.

The power of Hypnosis is so strong, you'll begin to attract abundance in every area you wish for. Yes, good things will come to you, too!

The Law of Attraction hinges on the idea of manifesting what you want by meditating on it daily. Through the power of hypnosis, this audiobook will prepare your mind for the task of daily manifestations and living by the Law of Attraction.

You'll learn:

- How to visualize the success you're seeking
- How to strive for and set yourself up for success
- How to stay focused and determined on your long term goals
- How to embrace and prepare for change
- How to embrace and prepare for growth
- How to attract success, opportunities, and fortune into your life

And best of all? Every one of these sessions is relaxing and reassuring. You'll learn to manifest the life you want in a calming, easy way that also sets you up for an optimistic start to your day or an effective wind-down for a good night's sleep. What are you waiting for? Make the Law of Attraction start working for you today!

Buy this audibook now and begin building your ideal life.

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Katty B.

Very satisfied with my purchase!

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Mildred H.

Using this audiobook every day!

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Stacey M.

Would insist on getting this.

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Chellsea W.

Great hypnosis for attracting success in all areas of your life

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Hayley S.

Great sessions for manifesting success or anything else you may want from life

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Bell W.

Good narrator, with a soothing voice.

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Hanna A.

Really liked the sessions in this one!

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This book is helping me to stay on track with my long-term goals. I feel like I'm setting myself up for success every time I listen to one of the sessions. Great Audiobook!

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Abby B.

Awesome Meditation and Hypnosis sessions in this one! The focus is on the law of attraction and I really enjoyed most of the 27 sessions in this audiobook. I like that you get so much content in this one! I feel like this audiobook is gonna help me on my journey and make me achieve my goals and dreams.

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