Lead Like Jesus

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
June 2004
5 hours 0 minutes
Jesus is simply the greatest leadership model of all time, and He asks us to make a difference in the world we live in by being effective servant leaders. Ken Blanchard, Rick Warren and Bill Hybels join forces to offer a clear, insightful look at Jesus, the servant leader. Lead Like Jesus is a new concept to help people take God out of the spiritual compartment of their private spiritual life and give Him free reign in all their daily actions and relationships, especially their leadership roles. Jesus set the basic foundation for the leadership journey throughout his ministry. During His time on earth, Jesus poured His life into the training of His disciples in the first three leadership arenas, and during that process, He equipped them to follow His leadership philosophy after He was gone as they moved to the organizational level and attempted to establish the church.
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Toi Jones

I definitely loved this book. It is so inspiring to me. It is great to see that not all corporate America is corrupt but instead some still have a great Christian foundation and they apply it on their everyday as we all should.

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Starla M.

Really good listen !!!! Would highly recommend to anyone is business wanted to be better. Multiple people were interviewed, some of them hilarious… Information for anyone in business that wants to grow.

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