Leaders Learning to Listen

Written by:
Chris Edmondson
Narrated by:
Tim Dawson

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
March 2013
4 hours 52 minutes
Essential reading for any leader wishing to refresh their ministry. Many in church leadership roles know the truth of Bonhoeffer s words, but there seem to be obstacles and barriers that get in the way of that sort of quality of listening. We seem to live with the illusion that speaking and doing are more important than listening. In the face of all the many challenges for the church the temptation is for more strategies for success, more pressure to turn things around. Listening in whatever form easily gets marginalized. Here, Chris Edmonson outlines why listening is so essential to good leadership. He looks at the barriers to good communication, at the importance of silence and stillness, and the challenges of listening to those from whom we differ. He emphasizes the essential elements of discernment and prophecy, looking closely at what those terms really mean, and offers some practical ways forward for leaders wishing to create a more listening culture in their church communities.
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