The Legend of Corinair

Written by:
Ryk Brown
Narrated by:
Jeffrey Kafer

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
June 2013
6 hours 0 minutes
A captain coming into his own. A handful of refugees stranded on board. A possible traitor in their midst. A voyage into the territory of the very enemy that pursues them.

Sometimes legends become realities in unexpected ways.

It seems that fate has the crew of the Aurora firmly in its clutches.
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Brian M.

Frontiers Saga is jaw dropping to me. This is the first sci-fi series that I've read or heard that makes earthen peoples not at the top of the intergalactic food chain. Ryk has a ln interesting way of building worlds without assuming that earth tech is the best of any universe. This series forces the reader to watch as the most basic crew fights incredible odds while slowly increasing the needs for the "green" crew to become a truly powerful force. Great series.

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Chris Atkinson

I will definitely be continuing this series. Love the story development

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Rico S.

Catchy storytelling presented by very inviting narrator

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