The Legend of Mordekai Hagg

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
October 2021
0 hours 26 minutes
The Legend of Mordekai Hagg is a wonderful tale for children and adults to share and enjoy, A fantastic tale of ogres and dwarves, witches, Kelpies and Sylkies and all the mythical creatures of Scotland. Told in verse with a stunning soundtrack, narrated by Billy Boyd (Pippen in Lord of the Rings) and featuring the voices of Jimmy Chisholm #Braveheart and Jimmy Comso, #GameofThrones.

Leaving his home in Crooked Spyre, Mordekai Hagg takes a secret pathway through Hackenbark Forest seeking an underground cavern and a fortune in goblins gold, rumoured hidden in a vast underground cavern at the centre of the 'Kingdom of the Three Forests. On his journey he meets a strange elf called Dandelion, a grumpy red-bearded dwarf called Grumblethump, and a fierce forest troll named Slobberchops. One by one they try to stop him, but Mordekai will not be turned. Will Mordekai seek what he is finding and, if he does, will he be happy that he did?
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