Legion XXII: The Capsarius: Book 1

Written by:
Simon Turney
Narrated by:
Colin Mace

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
April 2022
12 hours 37 minutes
Warrior and combat medic, Titus Cervianus, must lead a legion and quell the uprisings in Egypt in a new Roman adventure from Simon Turney.
Egypt. 25 BC.
Titus Cervianus is no ordinary soldier. A former surgeon from the city of Ancyra, he's now a capsarius – a combat medic. Cervianus is a pragmatist, a scientist, and truly unpopular with his legion.
The Twenty Second Deiotariana have been sent to deal with uprisings and chaos in Egypt. Yet the Twenty Second is no ordinary legion either. Founded as the private royal army of one of Rome's most devoted allies, the king of Galatia, their ways are not the same as the other legions, a factor that sets them apart and causes friction with their fellow soldiers.
Marching into the unknown, Cervianus will find unexpected allies in a local cavalryman and a troublesome lunatic. Both will be of critical importance as the young medic marches into the searing sands of the south, finding forbidden temples, dark assassins, vicious crocodiles, and worst of all, the warrior queen of Kush...
Praise for Simon Turney:
'A page turner from beginning to end ... A damn fine read' Ben Kane, on Sons of Rome
'First-rate Roman fiction' Matthew Harffy, on Sons of Rome
'A nuanced portrait of an intriguing emperor' The Times, on Commodus
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