Leota's Garden

Written by:
Francine Rivers
Narrated by:
Melissa Hurst

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
April 2013
18 hours 10 minutes
Once Leota's garden was a place of beauty - where flowers bloomed and hope thrived. It was her refuge from the deep wounds inflicted by a devastating war, her sanctuary where she knelt before a loving God and prayed for the children who couldn't understand her silent sacrifices. At eighty-four, Leota is alone; her beloved garden is in ruins. All her efforts to reconcile with her adult children have been fruitless. She voices her despair to a loving Father, her only friend. And God brings a wind of change through unlikely means: one, a college student who thinks he has all the answers; the other, the granddaughter Leota never hoped to know. But can the devastation wrought by keeping painful family secrets be repaired before she runs out of time?
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Christa T.

This was a wonderfully well written book! I felt empathy for each character and by the end could fully understand the very different points of view. The narrator was wonderful!

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Jordan S.

Dry good it just sort of leave a string untied in the end.

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Lynn Fedina

I really enjoyed this book! Shed a few tears. Sure wasn't ready for the narrator to say "the end"

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Dorothy C.

Excellent read. Absolutely loved it. Didn’t like part of the ending too much though, but I guess this is a harsh reality that so many face and it’s seldom identified/acknowledged ....at least not soon enough. Thanks Francine.

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Kelly Catalano

If I didn't love Francine Rivers so much, I would not have listened to this book. The narrator....Ugh. Loved the story though!

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