Let My People Go!: How Moses and Harriet Tubman led their People to Freedom

Written by:
Joshua Maxwell
Narrated by:
Ron Garner

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
November 2021
0 hours 36 minutes
The story of Moses, epically narrated by the awesome voice of Ron Garner, is the stuff of legend: A Hebrew infant slave slated for death is miraculously saved by an Egyptian queen and adopted into the royal court. One day, Moses discovers his roots as a Hebrew slave. In a botched attempt to come to a fellow Hebrew's aid, Prince Moses kills an Egyptian task master. Word of what he's done travels fast and he goes from prince to a renegade forced to flee into the hostile desert. There he meets a group of people called the Midians. He settles down with them and puts down new roots living as a shepherd.

One day Moses encounters a mysterious presence in the desert that claims to be the God of his people. He is instructed to return to Egypt to spearhead the miraculous deliverance of the Hebrews. There will be a showdown of the gods: The Hebrew God 'I AM!' versus the Egyptian gods and their representatives: Moses and Pharaoh. The clash takes place and cosmic disturbances bring Egypt into a state of chaos. Who will prevail?

Fast forward thousands of years, cross the Atlantic Ocean and discover Harriet Tubman - a new leader born an African American slave in the mid 19th century. She too was chosen by the very same 'I AM!' God to lead her people to freedom. What does this diminutive African American woman have in common with Moses? As it turns out, A LOT - that's why she was nicknamed 'Moses'!

Harriet was a force to be reckoned with. She had a mystical connection to her God and she did what He wanted her to do with absolute confidence. Harriet had an exceptional combination of intelligence, courage and faith. She was was so good at leading slaves on the long and perilous journey to freedom that she never lost a single person under her care.

The Great I AM is always looking for new leaders to use to set His people free. Who knows? Maybe He has plans for you!
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