Life Is A Circle Not A Line The Wisdom of Mahatma Gandhi - A Spiritual Primer

Written by:
Geoffrey Giuliano
Narrated by:
Geoffrey Giuliano

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
January 2019
1 hour 39 minutes
'Mahatma Gandhi and Martin Luther King are great examples of fantastic nonviolents who died violently. I can never work that out. We're pacifists, but I'm not sure what it means when you're such a pacifist you get shot. I can never understand that.' JOHN LENNON
Mahatma Gandhi, an ambitious attorney turned simple orthodox Hindu holy man single-handedly came up with the philosophy of non violent non cooperation which successfully dislodged the British empire from their long held tyrannical imperial rule over India. In this in depth, often inspirational audiobook by well known author actor narrator Geoffrey Giuliano, the important, and still timely story of this iconic social reformer is told along with rare unheard recordings of the Mahatma himself. This Imperative socio-political, philosophical, esoteric profile in courage is as important today as it was at the end of the British rule wherein we face similar oppressive pressures from major powers such as United States of America against its own minority population. Here is the story of a soft spoken determined man who not only asked seminal questions at the right time, but also came up with powerful, solutions to the mass oppression of a populace unwilling to live under the thumb of a foreign dictatorial power. This Icon audiobook exclusive is perfect for all students of political history, social reformation, the spiritual science of yoga, curious commuters as well as all school and university systems.
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