Live a Little

Written by:
Madeleine Reiss
Narrated by:
Olivia Mace

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
September 2019
10 hours 38 minutes
Two sisters. Two different lives. One hell of a ride . . .

Lottie has always followed the rules, her life is comfortable and she is - finally, finally - marrying her long-term, reliable, boyfriend Dean.

Tina is carefree, wild and, maybe, just a little bit careless. She doesn't understand Lottie's obsession with settling down with 'dull Dean', there's so much to explore in the world.

The two sisters have drifted apart, living in different countries until the death of their older sister, Mia. Mia was the glue that held them together, made them a family and without her Lottie and Tina realise how little they know each other.

Desperate to remedy this, Tina convinces Lottie to cancel her hen do, fly halfway around the world and set out on a road trip across the US, just the two of them.

But Tina has one more thing up her sleeve to shake up Lottie's life - she must say yes to everything Tina suggests, no matter what.

Praise for Madeleine Reiss's previous work:

'Gorgeous and Emotional' Fern Britton

'I found it deeply moving and couldn't stop reading' Susan Lewis

'An emotional, romantic and gentle read about love and family; I'm glad I got the chance to be introduced to author Madeleine Reiss' A Spoonful of Happy Endings
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