London Bridges

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
April 2005
8 hours 10 minutes
In broad desert daylight, a mysterious platoon of soldiers evacuates the entire population of Sunrise Valley, Nevada. Minutes later, a huge bomb detonates a hundred feet above the ground and lays waste to homes, cars, and playgrounds: a town annihilated in an instant.Alex Cross is on vacation in San Francisco with his girlfriend, Jamilla Hughes, when he gets the call. The Russian supercriminal known as the Wolf claims responsibility for the blast.

Major cities around the globe are threatened with total destruction. The Wolf has proven he can do it; the only question is, can anyone stop him in time? Surveillance film of the blast reveals the presence of another of Alex Cross' most dangerous enemies, the ruthless assassin known as the Weasel.

World leaders have just four days to prevent an unimaginable cataclysm. Joining forces with Scotland Yard and Interpol, Alex fights his way through a torrent of false leads, impersonators, and foreign agents before he gets close to the heart of the crimes. Racing down the hairpin turns of the Riviera in the most unforgettable finale James Patterson has ever written, Alex Cross confronts the truth of the Wolf's identity, a revelation that even Cross himself may be unable to survive.
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Scott E

Such a great continuation from the previous book! James Patterson always leaves me wanting more and the next book always gives me what I want!

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Cody K.

By far Alex’s toughest challenge yet with the Wolf. Better books but no better villain, on to the next one !!!!

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The sound effects really added to the book however the lead in to every chapter got annoying! Loved the story and the twists!

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Dina J.

As usual. I was on the edge of my seat waiting to find out who The Wolf truly was. Dangit he killed himself, I wanted him to suffer for a while longer. So happy that Shaefer FINALLY got what he deserved. Great read.....uh, listen!!

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Could not put my phone down till the last word James Patterson you are the best

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Loved it! Very entertaining

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Marcus C.

This is one of the best books that James Patterson has wrote.

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