Lonesome Justice

Written by:
Donald L. Robertson
Narrated by:
Scott Miller

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
June 2020
9 hours 7 minutes
Need Help. In Presidio. Jake

Clay Barlow, Texas Ranger, never turned his back on a friend, and he wasn't starting now. After receiving the cryptic message from Jake Coleman, his good friend, and fellow Texas Ranger, he immediately headed west.

But the reason he now finds himself staked out in a dry river bed in West Texas was his thoughts of the girl he met in Austin. He had ignored his first rule. Always be alert. His mind, occupied with smiling lips, blonde hair, and blue eyes, failed to register the desperados until they had the drop on him.

Now, the searing West Texas sun beats down on his exposed skin with the intensity of a blacksmith's furnace. Pain hammers every inch of his body, not only from the sun but from the hundreds of giant red ants that are devouring him one tiny bite at a time.

What kind of trouble is Jake in?

Is he still waiting in Presidio?

Most importantly, will Clay survive the sun and the ants to help his friend?
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