The Long Way Home

Written by:
Harper Sloan
Narrated by:
Tj Clark , Maya Beechwood

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
December 2023
9 hours 13 minutes
There's a price to pay for a life with a greater purpose. The healing of time is a damn liar when you're living a life as a dead man with no true home, and the silence couldn't be more deafening. Counting the days, good and bad, I exist as the world keeps spinning. I can never look back. All I can do is hope I took enough out of that life to carry me forward on those dead legs. Everything that was meant to give the tragedy of my life meaning ended up holding me prisoner in this wreckage of my past.

Until now.

One look into her eyes and I'm completely disarmed. It's only everything I thought I gave up. These walls I've built to protect and shroud me crumble more whenever she's near. I've spent years waiting for a reason to breathe again, and now that I have her within reach, I'm not sure I can keep her. Is it possible to find both the missing piece of my soul and the remedy to my healing in one set of bright green eyes? Everything I thought I would never have is staring back at me saying . . . yes, I can.

Contains mature themes.
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