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Loom Saga: The Complete Series

Written by:
Elise Kova
Narrated by:
Tim Campbell , Erin Moon

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
October 2022
36 hours 58 minutes
Perfect for fans of Mistborn and A Game of Thrones, this dark fantasy about a magical engineer turned thief has listeners raving.

The Dragon King rules with an iron fist and one woman has vowed to be his demise.

After a bloody conquest, the world of Loom is now ruled by Dragons. They oversee those beneath them from their sky cities with magic and cruelty.

Arianna is known as the White Wraith; an unscrupulous thief who will do anything as long as it defies her Dragon oppressors. She's spent her life working in the shadows, harboring a secret that would have her killed. A secret that will bring the Dragon King to his knees.

Joined by a trigger-happy gun mage and a Dragon prince who seeks to assassinate his king, Arianna sets out on an epic journey. The unlikely trio is Loom's last hope for freedom. But, for Arianna, this mission is personal. This is her last shot at redemption . . . and vengeance.
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