The Lost Books of Adam and Eve

The Lost Books of Adam and Eve

Written by:
Christopher Glyn
Narrated by:
Christopher Glyn
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Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
November 2022
4 hours 47 minutes
An intriguing supplement to the Book of Genesis, “The First and Second Books of Adam and Eve” remains an ancient text of great interest to modern readers.

We are given intriguing insights into what life was like in the almost 1,600 years leading up to the biblical Great Flood of Noah, and how evil came to dominate the whole Earth due to Satan and the cursed Fallen Angels, who still seek to tempt, corrupt and destroy the world today.

These books bring out the astounding knowledge and dynamic details as to how emotional it was for Adam and Eve — physically and spiritually — to have to leave the Garden of Eden, where they had personal interaction with God the Father, and be thrust out into the physical world due to their disobedience. 

When “The First and Second Books of Adam and Eve” were written and by whom remains a mystery. Parts of this ancient book are found in the Talmud, the Koran, and also in the early writings of the Greeks, Syrians, Egyptians, Abyssinians, Hebrews, and other ancient peoples, showing what a vital role it played in ancient wisdom literature. 

This audiobook version is read by Christopher Glyn from the English translation by Dr. S.C. Malan, working from the Ethiopic translation of the Arabic original. It was first published in 1882 as part of “The Forgotten Books of Eden”. 
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