Lost in Love

Written by:
Emily Banting
Narrated by:
Lulu Russell

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
July 2023
6 hours 27 minutes
A heart-warming, quintessentially English village novel, centered on the ruins of Nunswick Abbey . . .

Historical tour guide Anna Walker is determined to make a good impression on her new bosses, but juggling a full-time job with caring for her ailing father is putting her own health-and potentially his-at risk.

When she meets Dr Katherine Atkinson, a charming yet intimidating new arrival to the village, Anna is infuriated by the doctor's attempts to convince her that her father needs professional, full-time care. She's even more frustrated by her growing attraction to the classy, wealthy doctor.

Anna's determination to prove she can cope forces Katherine to divulge a painful event from her past that still haunts her, hopeful it will make Anna see sense before it's too late.

With Katherine's heart lost to the past and Anna's overwhelmed in the present, can the two women help each other overcome their struggles and move forward? Will a curtain-twitching busy body curtail any blossoming attraction before it even has a chance to bloom?
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Julie T.

I like books that have plot lines of things that can happen to normal people and this is one of those books. (Perhaps not having your father's doctor fall in love with you, but the rest of it.) Caring for an aging and sick parent who can't live on their own anymore, trying to keep them at home as long as possible and not send them off to a care home, trying to do too much, moving back home and having to get a new job to be there for your parent, etc. It was so realistic. The main characters and the supporting characters were all great and depicted well. I think my favorite was the father. The dialogue was smooth and sounded realistic. I have a hard time with audiobooks. Most often, I can't stand the narrator and just can't listen to books, but this one did a good job. She is British and I did have to slow it down slightly at first, but I was up to normal speed by halfway through when I remembered I had slowed it down. I wasn't able to listen to it faster than normal, but that's just me. I am most impressed that listening to the story was a pleasurable experience.

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Liz K.

Relatable characters, well written helping you to immerse into the story. The narrator brought the story to life, taking you through the emotions of Anna dealing with the decline of her fathers health and the guilt of putting him in a home. Meanwhile Katherine is struggling with loss and memories holding her back from pursuing a new relationship.

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A gentle love story, although the MC's face many obstacles and are full of suspicions because of their past. The narration was really beautiful and in such a warm voice! I really loved it!

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Linda D.

This first of three books in the "Nunswick Abbey Series" touches on the pain of loss, loneliness and guilt, but it also emphasises the healing power of love, friendship and community. To me, the narrator was "perfectly" British and portrayed the main characters beautifully. As an American, I was enamoured with both the of location, a small country English village, the accents, idioms and the characters. A soft lesbian romance, featuring strong, intelligent and sensitive women leads and positive supporting characters. The more intimate scenes were left to the reader's imagination. I look forward to the rest of the series. SueR

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Maaike F.

This book feels like taking a warm bath. From the first chapter the story is engaging and you feel yourself rooting for both characters. These people are human and have flaws, but try their best. The book is full of witty banter, cute moments and just warms your heart. Highly recommended!

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Deb W.

This is such a well written story and the narration is superb. If you are looking for a good wlw romance look no further.

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