Lost Key

Lost Key

Written by:
Chris Niles
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Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
September 2020
7 hours 25 minutes
She never asked to be a hero. Heroes seldom do.

Nearly a century ago, a treasure of unimaginable value was lost beneath the tropical waters of the Florida Keys.

But when a ruthless real-estate developer threatens Shark Key Campground and Marina, former journalist Kate Kingsbury must find it before her friends and neighbors lose the only homes they know.

It’s taken Kate two years to find peace after her husband was killed in a home invasion. Now she’s found her refuge, living the free and easy boat life at Shark Key Campground and Marina. Except that nothing in life is free. Or easy.

Shark Key is home to a rag-tag group of folks, scraping to get by on an island known more for its lively night-life and exclusive vacation homes than for stable jobs or affordable living. In fact, Kate quickly learns that the average local cobbles together a living from three or more jobs, just to afford their rent. She’s grateful to have Danny’s small pension and a home on a derelict houseboat named Serenity.

Shark Key’s owner, Chuck Miller, is a third generation Conch who’s committed to giving single moms a safe place to raise their kids. Until he gets a little behind on his payments and shady Miami slumlord Monty Baumann swoops in to steal the tranquil little island out from under him.

Shark Key’s last hope is an unbelievable legend from Chuck’s grandfather, a former gangster who worked for the infamous Al Capone. And when the only clue they have is stolen by one of Baumann’s hired thugs, the Shark Key family must band together to retrieve it and find the treasure.

But can they recover it before it’s too late?

This fun, Jimmy Buffett meets Indiana Jones style adventure will keep you listening all night. And Fans of Travis McGee or Sam & Remi Fargo will love Kate Kingsbury and the crew at Shark Key Campground and Marina. Listen to Book 1 in this new action-packed series today!
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