Love At A Distance

Written by:
A. C. Meyer
Narrated by:
Subhash Chander

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
May 2021
1 hour 50 minutes
A tale of second chances and hope, taking place during the Coronavirus pandemic.While the world is devastated by a pandemic, Babi finds herself trapped in her own personal nightmare. Alone at home, depressed by the direction her life is taking and terrified by the disease that plagues the world, she decides to hide in the family home in the countryside of Minas.
Going through a serious creative crisis, Eric turned away from everything and everyone just over a year ago, believing that far from the spotlight and pressure from fans, he would be able to rediscover his passion for music. When nothing else works, he decides to return to the place where he discovered his love for the guitar and composing. His best friend's old house was empty, and he would have all the loneliness he needed to find his way back. When Babi and Eric are reunited, all those painful feelings from the past surface... as well as the passion. Will it be possible to make peace with the past or is it too late to start over? With her ability to approach difficult topics in a lighthearted way, A.C. Meyer, author of Falling for Her and the After Dark series, presents in Isolated in love a sweet story about second chances and new beginnings during one of the most difficult moments that humanity ever had to face.
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