Lucky Leap Day

Written by:
Ann Marie Walker
Narrated by:
Cady Zuckerman

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
January 2022
7 hours 57 minutes
Up-and-coming screenwriter Cara Kennedy has the biggest meeting of her career in two days—but for now, she's on vacation. Her short trip to Ireland is all planned out: 1. See the sites around Dublin 2. Don't think about the jerk of an ex she was supposed to spend this trip with 3. Relax with some Irish whiskey 4. Propose to a sexy Irish musician on Leap Day 5. Wake up married Wait, those last two things weren't on her list... A whirlwind trip to Ireland is supposed to end with a suitcase full of wool sweaters and souvenir pint glasses—not a husband you only just met! Now, her flight is in four hours, and that meeting is in exactly two days—nothing she can do except take her new husband (and his adorable dog) back to LA with her and try to untangle the mess she's made of her life...
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Annemarie K.

This book was a quick listen and dragged out a bit. Not too much tension with a formulaic ending.

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Tali B.

nice easy listen predictable plot enjoyable

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Annaleise A.

No spicy just fade to black. The romance was true and sweet. The off part was the confusion around the leaving issue came on too fast and was hard to understand. The dog at the end was interesting to say the least.

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Kristina M.

Nice story with a a little different path. I found the narrator very good with the Irish accent, but sometimes she sounded she was just reading the book out loud. I liked the story and I did not expect the path it took.

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The main character is kind of trashy. She likes to drink her problems away, whine, and fantasize. I'm nearly 30 and that mindset is not attractive nor entertaining to me. The storyline in general is very predictable and cheesy. The one wholesome part I enjoyed was the epilogue told from their dogs point of view. I did not like the narrator's attempt at an Irish accent. It was kind of awful fading in and out as she read lines. Whereas, Kara's voice sounded slurred and overly dreamy at times. I don't know. If you're in your late teens / early twenties and like the drown-your-woes-in-alcohol-and-carbs and make poor choices kind of vibes... I'm sure you'll like it.

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Very engaging book. I liked the variety of characters.

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Gayle D.

Cute story, good narration. I would recommend.

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Thought this was a very cute story- reader was great even with the accents I think.

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Maria S.

The narrator did a great job! The story line was cute but it was a little predictable with just a small twist in the plot.

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Carolyn M.

I really enjoyed the narrator for this read, more than the read itself. The accents were really great. The story was not to great. I don't want to read about LA. It is not interesting to me. Hollywood stories too common. I wish the story stayed longer in Ireland. That place is interesting and the characters have a good reason to be there too.

Lucky Leap Day
This title is due for release on January 18, 2022.

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Lucky Leap Day
This title is due for release on January 18, 2022
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Lucky Leap Day
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Lucky Leap Day

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