Written by:
Cathy Macrae
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Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
January 2022
2 hours 32 minutes
Malcolm Sinclair is haunted by the final days of his life. He’d gladly accept Soni’s challenge and do his good deed in exchange for a chance at peace . . . but why did the damsel in distress have to be a Sutherland?

Malcolm may be the only Jacobite soldier in the Earl of Cromartie’s regiment to escape the devastating defeat at the hands of the Sutherlands at Little Ferry on 15 April, 1746, only to fall at the Battle of Culloden Moor the following day. When offered a chance to finally lay to rest the demons which lurk in his mind, he gladly accepts. But saving the life of a descendant of the clan that destroyed his fellow soldiers won’t be easy.

Can Malcolm, whose demons would one day be recognized as PTSD, remain true to his personal honor as he struggles to overcome his fears and help a young woman despite her connections which trigger his debilitating memories?

If you love sweet, heart-warming romance with a bit of suspense, grab your copy of Malcolm today and get swept away by this tale set in a distillery in the hills of Tennessee—a most unlikely place for a Scottish ghost.
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