MANIPULATION AND DARK PSYCHOLOGY: Secrets of Dark Psychology, Body Language and Human Mind. Learn How to Influence People With Covert Emotional Manipulation Techniques, Brainwashing, and Mind Control.

MANIPULATION AND DARK PSYCHOLOGY: Secrets of Dark Psychology, Body Language and Human Mind. Learn How to Influence People With Covert Emotional Manipulation Techniques, Brainwashing, and Mind Control.

Written by:
James Cooper
Narrated by:
Patt Miller , Chris Jones
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Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
May 2021
3 hours 31 minutes
Discover the Secrets of Manipulation and Dark Psychology – Master the Art of Manipulation to Get What You Want, Whenever You Want!Have you ever wondered how successful people got where they are? Would you like to know their secret and use it for yourself?

Even though they may seem nice and friendly outside, all of those successful people have a dark secret – they are utilizing the powers of dark psychology and mind manipulation.

What if there was an easy way for you to learn all of those secrets and succeed in life with ease?

If so, then this beginner's guide to dark psychology and manipulation is your solution. With Manipulation and Dark Psychology, you will get comprehensive guides, tried-and-tested strategies, and exercises through which you will learn how to use dark psychology in everyday life.

That way, you will master the Art of Manipulation with ease, and you will be able to get what you want, whenever you want, from anyone you want!

Here is what this guide to manipulation and dark psychology can offer you:

·     Secrets of dark psychology and manipulation

·     Deception, manipulation, and persuasion – the dark triad explained

·     Tried-and-tested methods of persuasion in dark psychology

·     Guide to hypnosis as a form of mind control

·     How to use dark psychology in everyday life

·     How to defend your mind from persuasion and subconscious influence

·     And much more!

If you want to master the Art of Manipulation to get anything you want – all you have to do is follow the simple step-by-step guides found inside. The power of dark psychology is within your reach.
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Noor R.

This book have effects subtle techniques it's really good another one because of you can learn easily. Psychology defenses of manipulation day by day.

Profile Avatar
Kie M.

I enjoyed listening this audio-book. It gave good advice. I found the suggests for improved time management very practical. A very useful audio-book! ,

Profile Avatar
Abu A.

This audiobook is a complete guide to learn and master manipulation. The techniques taught in this audio allow me to identify certain behaviors and also to defend and protect my mind from being manipulated. I believe it is possible to master this art and control the environment around us. I highly recommend it!

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Milena F.

This audiobook is very educational, it has taught me to understand the body language of people and to point out those details that show a manipulative person, also the author gives you the tools to defend against them and to put things in my favor.

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Clarence W.

Exceptionally clear and concise clarifications and representations of Dark Psychology. I really enjoyed this book and found it to be extremely supportive. It truly was a better than average preface for people who need to get answers regarding Dark Psychology leaning on this book. Fascinating yet extremely basic! the data was definitely justified even despite reading Winning Impact Techniques.

Profile Avatar
Bethanie H.

This book is very interesting and easy to listen to. This book serves for a nice introspection compared to the traditional and verbose Psychology books.

Profile Avatar
Miranda C.

I enjoyed the theories described in the book. I can relate to many of the ideas presented and will think more about other techniques described, it is always good to open your mind to various points of view

Profile Avatar
Bilaal M.

I find this book very informative, helpful and interesting for all the people who want to know about the secrets of emotional influence. The author makes sure that the listeners can understand and apply every details of this book.

Profile Avatar
Sue W.

This book will surely tingle your mind! In Dark Psychology finally, you will understand. Very clear clarification and portrayals of manipulative maneuvering. It was written in terms that are very easy to understand and is straight to the point.

Profile Avatar
Rabia W.

An excellent self-check and calibration to evaluating your feelings to the behavior to others. Questions to ask yourself when you are troubled in a relationship. It is all part of the tool box of living with others in relationship.

Profile Avatar
Harlee S.

After listening to this book my eyes have been opened to how shady some people can be. The techniques explained will help me to avoid being manipulated in the future.

Profile Avatar
Tamanna C.

This book is elegantly composed and sorted out while being entering and down to earth. I observed the activities to be exceptionally useful.

Profile Avatar
Ioana A.

In my environment, there are people who negatively influence me, and this book helped me to better understand this issue. I learned what kinds of negative psychological beliefs are and how to protect myself from the negative influence or manipulations of such individuals.

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Chloe-Louise M.

In a world that is evolving as fast as ours, the need to master ourselves and boost our psychological advantage over other people is becoming increasingly important, both for growth or self-development, as well as our safety or security and that of other people around us, this book was written in terms that are very easy to understand and is straight to the point. This is one awesome book. It really was a good introduction to those who want to learn about the darker aspects of psychology, cover all these topics, and more. It is the consummate book for anyone who wishes to learn new ways to engage in controlling their own minds and the minds of others and in using techniques to live a successful life. Highly recommend this audiobook.

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