Mary Elizabeth Braddon: Lady Audley’s Secret & more: A BBC Radio 4 Gothic Drama Collection

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Release Date
December 2022
3 hours 25 minutes
Three classic stories from the 'Queen of Sensation Fiction' - plus bonus documentary

Mary Elizabeth Braddon was one of the most important and influential female novelists of the 19th Century, and the founder (alongside Wilkie Collins) of the popular 'sensation fiction' genre. This collection features her best-known novel, Lady Audley's Secret, a thrilling tale of bigamy, murder and arson that outraged Victorian society on its first release - and was an instant bestseller. Also included are two atmospheric short stories and an edition of Sensational Women exploring her life and work.

Lady Audley's Secret - Lucy Graham gains all the wealth she desires through her marriage to the devoted Sir Michael Audley. But her newfound security is threatened when young lawyer Robert Audley sets out to uncover the truth about her hidden past. Hattie Morahan, Charlotte Emmerson, Alex Wyndham and Sam Dale star in this electrifying dramatisation.

The Cold Embrace - When Josef, a handsome young German artist, betrays his delicate fiancée, her vengeance is eerily appropriate... This chilling adaptation of Mary Elizabeth Braddon's ghostly story stars Stephanie Turner, Jonathan Firth and Alison Pettitt.

Samuel Lowgood's Revenge - An impoverished clerk discovers that his rival in love has defrauded their employer. But what should he do with this knowledge? Barbara Flynn reads Braddon's 1861 tale of jealousy and retribution.

Sensational Women: Mary Braddon - Sarah Dunant takes a look at the notorious sensation author, who was condemned for rotting the moral fibre of a whole generation of young women.

First published 1860 ('The Cold Embrace'), 1861 ('Samuel Lowgood's Revenge'), 1862 (Lady Audley's Secret)

Cast and credits
Written by Mary Elizabeth Braddon

Lady Audley's Secret
Mary Braddon - Hattie Morahan
Lucy, Lady Audley - Charlotte Emmerson
Sir Michael Audley - Sam Dale
Phoebe Marks - Lizzy Watts
Luke Marks - Benjamin Askew
Robert Audley - Alex Wyndham
George Talboys - Joseph Kloska
Alicia Audley - Perdita Weeks
Lieutenant Maldon - Jonathan Tafler
Mr Dawson/Landlord - Paul Rider
Mrs Vincent - Charlotte West-Oram
Tonks - Deborah McAndrew
Dramatised by Theresa Heskins
Directed by Julie Beckett and Fiona Kelcher
First broadcast BBC Radio 4, 20 April-1 May 2009

The Cold Embrace
Mary Braddon - Stephanie Turner
Josef - Jonathan Firth
Gertrude - Alison Pettitt
Father - John Hartley
Postmaster - Ioan Meredith
Passenger - Hugh Dickson
Woman - Carolyn Jones
Fisherman - Chris Pavlo
Parisienne - Tracy-Ann Oberman
Dramatised by Christopher Hawes
Produced by Marion Nancarrow
First broadcast BBC Radio 4, 26 June 1997

Samuel Lowgood's Revenge
Read by Barbara Flynn
Produced by Rebecca Nicholson
First broadcast BBC Radio 4, 18 November 1998

Sensational Women: Mary Braddon
Presented by Sarah Dunant
Extracts read by Sally Beauman
Produced by Lore Windemuth
First broadcast BBC Radio 4, 30 October 1996

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