The MatrÏx Explained: Redefining your user role

The MatrÏx Explained: Redefining your user role

Written by:
Armel Tekam
Narrated by:
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Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
March 2023
3 hours 18 minutes
This book is divided into 14 chapters. Each one is exploring a key dimension that significantly impacts who you are, and thus your user role.

- Explosive perspective on Existence, pain and suffering, Family, marriage what it means and why you should never take your life for granted to help ground yourself.
- Deep diving the Matrix, the user role, strategic thinking and financial literacy by way of examples, contextualizing the subject matter and destroys education as you know it, redefine and categorize it Whilst reviewing its true purpose.
- Debunks and Destroying the idea that your career is set in stone or rigid or that your goal should be to start a small business. Go big or go home. Context is everything. Meaning your career is subject to change and a function of your opportunities.
- Explore the concept of truth vs lies, problems, incentives, Discipline and Luck and everything in-between to understand how it impacts YOU, your User Role.

'This book is a starting point for anyone looking to get a handle of one's socio-economic situation. Think of this book as a piece of software that has the necessary updates to your already existing operating system. i.e. your current mind-set.'/USA TODAY

The main reason people struggle to get ahead is because of a wrong mindset.. they have been mis-educated in many respects. Work, money, career and business etc. Ultimately people end up poor working for money vs having money work for them./ ARMEL TEKAM

Armel Tekam has challenged and changed the way millions of people approach socio-economic situations around the world. With a new perspective that helps understand our modern society at a global and local level simultaneously. Armel has earned a reputation as a strategic and systemic thinker and has personally coached thousands of people with fantastic outcomes. He is regarded worldwide as a passionate advocate of believing in one's abilities.
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