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Maxed Steel

Written by:
Mj Fields
Narrated by:
Carolyn Eve , Troy Duran

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
December 2022
6 hours 28 minutes
Mila: The six-foot-three, two hundred pounds of lean muscle, disgustingly defined by his white tee hugging . . . all that, with a backpack slung over his bulging broad shoulder is far from innocent.

He's Max Steel. He's all sorts of grown up. And he's my enemy . . . even though he doesn't know it yet.

Max: For the past two years, I've been traveling the world, searching for the ultimate wave, while also secretly looking for what my entire crew has already found-their Forever. I already realized that I would never settle for less than what I knew growing up. Instead, I found myself.

Content with that, I returned to Jersey to fulfill a promise made to my parents-to get an education. Move-in day at Jersey U, I run into the one girl from high school who had me chasing her.

Back then, I messed up and lost her.

Now she says she despises me, but I know better.

Contains mature themes.
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