Mayhem In Montreal

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
May 2023
7 hours 39 minutes
Ye screw with this lass, ye get put on yer ass.

Welcome to the whacked and weird world of Fiona mac Cumhaill. If you're new to Team Trouble, welcome. If you're back for more-awesomesauce.

In the past two years, I leveled up as a kick-ass urban druid and became the leader of the Fianna Warriors my ancestor Fionn mac Cumhaill needed me to be.

The thing is-four months ago everything changed. The veil between realms came down.

With dormant genes waking, the dominant races jockeying for their place in the hierarchy, and the world around us pulsing out of control with power, my position as the Fae Liaison of Toronto has gotten off to a chaotic start.

Is anyone really surprised?

In her second series, Case Files of an Urban Druid, Fiona brings you more druid adventure, family shenanigans, and mythical tales of magic and mystery.
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Brandy Dalton

Love the narrator, wide range of pleasingly voiced characters with a good range of accents and solid acting. Love the storyline( solid plot), world building, diverse characters with true camaraderie, cryptids featured and myths blended with an entertaining dialogue and all around a fantastic beginning to the series. I'm excited to see where in the world this group is going next and what myths, gods, villains, and adventure they're bound to have there

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