MeatEater's Campfire Stories: Discoveries, Revelations & Near Misses

MeatEater's Campfire Stories: Discoveries, Revelations & Near Misses

Written by:
Steven Rinella
Narrated by:
The Contributors
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Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
August 2024
6 hours 0 minutes
Eleven spellbinding tales of transformation, survival, and grit from the creators of the New York Times bestselling original audiobook MeatEater's Campfire Stories: Close Calls.

In MeatEater’s Campfire Stories: Discoveries, Revelations & Near Misses, a collection of outdoorsmen share remarkable tales of life-altering moments. From a macabre discovery in the Idaho mountains that closed the book on a mystery spanning more than 50 years to an Ice Age archaeological find in remote Alaska, these stories take listeners on an immersive journey and provide intimate glimpses into a way of life that is slipping away. You’ll hear firsthand accounts of a deadly helicopter crash, turkey hunting during a tornado, a prophetic dream about a 24-point buck, a fight over a record-breaking black bear, plus more stories about close calls and brushes with death.  

MeatEater’s Campfire Stories: Discoveries, Revelations & Near Misses features tales from MeatEater crew members Steven Rinella, Clay Newcomb, and Brent Reaves • with additional stories by Buck Bowden • John Hayes • Mike Kunz • Bob Service • Chris Williams & Jeff Jones • Jim Swenson & Mike Carey • Chad Martin • Chad Johnston • and Ryan Murray
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