Written by:
Franz Kafka
Narrated by:
Michael Scott

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
October 2005
2 hours 13 minutes
Metamorphosis, first published in 1915, is the story of Gregor Samsa, a young traveling salesman who lives with his family and financially supports his parents and younger sister. One morning he awakes to discover that during the night he has been transformed into a horrible vermin. Although somewhat of a horror genre, the story is often very funny as Gregor, his family and those around him deal with their own transformations as a result of this odd predicament.

The analogies of this story are unending. The Metamorphosis has been stated to represent Gregor's personal alienation and the effect of his deadening job, the problems in his family and how the demands placed on him have forced him to become a terrible being and the alienation of aged or disabled individuals confined to a bedridden state of existence.

The Metamorphosis, though sometimes emotionally disturbing in its content, is an important and classic work to include in your listening library.
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Jane M.

What an unusual, sad and intriguing little read, full of metaphor and symbolism... Left me feeling a little empty but still I feel worth reading... Narration was a bit flat and a little more energy of tone would have really brought the book to life

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It started with the main character already turned into a bug. What is missing is what let him to convert into a bug. I hate it the ending of it. It was unethical how family were able to turn against their own just because that person turned into a bug.

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Karen B

Book was ruined by narration. He sounds like a salesman and was inappropriate for this type of story. Maybe I would have liked the book more, but I couldn't get over the narration.

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Joel W

Waste of time. Boring narration.

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