Mighty Bad Land: A Perilous Expedition to Antarctica Reveals Clues to an Eighth Continent

Written by:
Bruce Luyendyk
Narrated by:
Christopher Grove

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
May 2023
9 hours 48 minutes
What does it take to prevail in Antarctica?

Four geologists and two mountain guides face the brutal beauty of West Antarctica eight hundred miles from the United States main base. Their search reaches far into the treacherous mountains of Marie Byrd Land. Over six weeks of living in tents and traveling by snowmobile, the team endures endless cold and furious blizzards. They cross ice fields and hidden crevasses, which one of the team learns about the hard way.

What keeps them going in spite of these dangers? Will the mountains give up their secrets? Can these scientists find evidence of the formation of the ranges many millions of years ago as the giant continent of Gondwana began to break apart? Was a new continent, now known as Zealandia, created by this event?

Mighty Bad Land, told firsthand by Bruce Luyendyk, a former professor of geology, reveals his inner battles and challenges: he's almost fifty, asthmatic, and fights chronic pain. Through deft storytelling, listeners are invited into a land of emptiness, beauty, constant daylight, and unseen menace.
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Lisa A.

Luyendyk weaves together a story that revolves around a team of explorers who embark on a daring expedition to Antarctica led by the author himself. The team faces numerous challenges and unforeseen dangers. The author's attention to detail shines through in vivid descriptions of the icy landscapes, allowing readers to feel the bone-chilling, inhospitable conditions. The author captures the harsh beauty of Antarctica while keeping the story moving forward. Luyendyk's extensive knowledge sets this book apart. The historical context of previous expeditions and intricate details of survival in Antarctica add an educational aspect. Readers get a deeper appreciation for the challenges faced by polar explorers.

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