Million Dollar Baby: Stories from the Corner

Written by:
F.X. Toole
Narrated by:
Jd Jackson , David Colacci

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
May 2020
8 hours 48 minutes
F. X. Toole knew boxing. Between bouts, he wrote, and two years before his death he published this collection of stories, giving readers an unprecedented look at the gritty life around the ring. He tells of a cutman with a sweet tooth, young fighters with dreams of celebrity, and a talented boxer who goes to Atlantic City for his biggest bout, only to be humiliated by the prejudices of a callous promoter. In 'Million $$$ Baby,' the inspiration for the Oscar-winning Clint Eastwood film, an aged trainer takes on a female fighter, guiding her through disappointment, pain, and tragedy. And in 'Rope Burns,' Toole realizes his epic vision, showing that even the purest fighter can succumb to the pressures of the world outside the sport. Throughout these stories, boxing's violence is redeemed by the respect these men and women share, as they strap on gloves and prepare their bodies for the ultimate test.
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Cristina L.

These stories were great…sometimes crass…but wonderfully written. I was taken through a roller coaster of emotions…smiles creased my face and plenty of tears made their way down my cheeks. The clear racism of Toole’s time is displayed throughout the book and I can see how it can be triggering…so tread lightly. There are aspects that are beautiful…like the spirituality and kindness of the characters…and then there’s the hideousness that is the racism and gore but it’s all put together in such a way that you can’t help but become engulfed by the stories…and the narrators were absolutely top talent. 5 out of 5 all around.

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