Mirror Hours: A Change of Direction - a Time Travel Romance

Written by:
Lady Victoria Howard
Narrated by:
Ava Blair

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
September 2022
5 hours 4 minutes
Victoria experiences a time slip that conjures William into her dreams. Fellow time traveller, Ruth, advises her to return the marble to Jude’s home, which she does, but the pair fall out over the ongoing land dispute. What Victoria knows for sure is that she needs to learn more about William and Molly and she wastes no time in travelling through the mirror to the Victorian era, to discover more truths.

Back in the present-day, Victoria visits a Scottish castle with George but again she gets more than she bargained for, as pleasure and bondage lead to an intense climax; but Victoria is left feeling unsure. When artist, Otis, lands in London, Victoria becomes aware of their physical proximity, but then there’s George and Jude on her mind too. She doesn’t have much time to consider her personal dilemmas with the art exhibition to focus on, but on the night itself, business meets displeasure as Jude and George clash.

In the aftermath of the drama, Marielle takes Victoria on a mini-break to 900s Spain, where they meet the caliph and entertain him with a steamy sexual encounter. Victoria returns home and Otis offers some friendly advice to make a fresh start, perhaps in New York.

A time-travelling trip to Russia during the revolution, plus some gossip from a New York socialite ends Victoria and George’s relationship once and for all. Is Victoria’s mirror now calling her to New York?

'Mirror Hours' by Lady Victoria Howard is a steamy time travel romance that will thrill fans of 'Outlander' and 'Bridgerton'. 'A Change of Direction' contains episode 40-53 of Lady Victoria Howard's sexy romance series.

'Fun, smart and slightly rebellious, Victoria sounds like a character you can believe in and get behind, making the story all the better.' Alice Broster, Bustle UK

For [anyone] who enjoys indulging in a little bit of erotica on the discrete, LVH is your new fantasy dream come true.' Elizabeth Hazard, Provokr

Lady Victoria Howard is a pseudonym and part of a universe for the popular adult romance series that combines passion and history to create unforgettable fantasy encounters. A 34-year-old widow, Lady Victoria is nervous about dating again until she discovers that she possesses the magical gift of time travel that opens up a world of exciting sexual adventures.
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