Missing Persons

Written by:
Stephen White
Narrated by:
Dick Hill

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
March 2005
12 hours 38 minutes
Psychologist Alan Gregory's friend and fellow therapist Hannah Grant has died suddenly and mysteriously. The police are baffled, leaving another unsolved homicide in Boulder, Colorado. Only Alan can decipher Hannah's clues—a quest that will take him to Las Vegas and lead him to question the integrity of those closest to him.But while Alan tracks a missing patient of Hannah's, the answers to both cases may be locked inside the mind of a client he has been treating for schizoid personality disorder. Running a maze of dilemmas, Alan takes a bold risk that will cost him his career—or his life.
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I think I listened to this book before, [Dick Hill, narrating]. I think I've listened to all of the Alan Gregory series with its shocking conclusion. Reading the books again keeping in mind the conclusions is what makes the re-read not a rehash of what I know already. It also reminds me of how like real life the story line ran. Stephen White is an excellent story-teller. Another reason I read the series is to listen in on the secrets of male friendship. White does that well too. I liked the story too. The more it went on the more people went missing. By the last few chapters you really became worried about who would go missing next

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