The Mission: The Torah Project

The Mission: The Torah Project

Written by:
Felipe Blancott
Narrated by:
Thomas Sidney
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Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
March 2024
11 hours 20 minutes
The book and its facts are real. (See the testimonials on YouTube, Facebook and Instagram). This makes central Mexico, in the so-called Area 33, seem like a sci-fi movie. For this is the location of the Torah Project, the most ambitious, globally known civilian attempt to make contact with intelligences variously described as aliens, extraterrestrials or Star Beings.

The awakening of humanity has been slowed by an extraterrestrial race working with a group of humans seeking to keep worldly power for themselves. These “Managers' hinder the spiritual development of our race. However, there is hope. Humanity’s cosmic awakening is being supported by multiple extraterrestrial races working closely with the author and humans around the globe. These helpful Beings of the Stars are of light, in the light and for the light. They intend to remind us that we are all one.

The Torah Project is part of that endeavor. The project is made up of dozens of monoliths and circles in resonance 3,6,9. It is made up of hundreds of geometries that vibrate in the sacred. Those who visit the location, regardless of the time or weather, have life changing experiences. Learn more from the ebook, print or audiobook: it will change your life.

This work will change your spiritual views. It will help you understand a new context for peace and harmony on planet Earth. We are not alone on this planet. We can receive direct help from outer space and its various dimensions and vibration densities. Here, the author tells us how we can do it. Let's zoom into our consciousness!
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