Written by:
Maddie Wade
Narrated by:
Carl Mason
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Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
March 2023
6 hours 55 minutes
A Woman on the run from her past. A man who will do anything to protect her. Their lives are on a collision course with fate and they may not survive.

He thought his life was perfect until he met a woman who showed him what he was missing.

Mitch Quinn is the cool-headed one of Eidolon. His time on the Force as an elite sniper taught him patience can be your biggest weapon. His early life as part of London’s gangs taught him a lethal lesson, forcing him to turn his back on his friends and fight for his future. It’s a decision he’s never regretted, and he has everything he’s ever wanted. When Mitch’s past collides with the present and the life he’s built, he realises he could lose everything he’s ever wanted—including the woman who’s shown him what he’s missing.

She’s a woman on the run from her past, who unexpectedly finds her future.

Autumn Roberts is running for her life. As the sole witness to her husband’s brutal murder, she stood up and did the right thing by testifying against the man who took the father of her unborn child from her. But now he’s free and looking for revenge, and she’s on the run with a baby to protect. Finding sanctuary in the small town of Hereford, Autumn meets Mitch, her sexy landlord with the knowing grin and energy that instantly makes her feel safe.

Fate brought them together, but will secrets tear them apart?

As Autumn and Mitch grow closer, she realises she must either tell him the truth about who she is or run again and lose the man she’s fallen in love with. Just when she’s about to come clean, her luck runs out and her past catches up with her. With no choice, she must face her nightmare head-on and hope Mitch loves her enough to stand by her as she fights for her life and the man she loves.
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