The Modern Bestiary: A Curated Collection of Wondrous Wildlife

Written by:
Joanna Bagniewska
Narrated by:
Samara Naeymi

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
September 2022
7 hours 53 minutes
From the familiar to the improbable, the gross to the endearing, The Modern Bestiary is a compendium of curious creatures. It includes both animals that have made headlines and those you’ve probably never heard of, such as skin-eating
caecilians, harp sponges, or zombie worms—also known as bone-eating snot flowers.
Arranged by elements, Earth, Water and Air, The Modern Bestiary contains wellknown species told from new and unexpected angles (rats that drive cars; fish that communicate by passing wind), as well as stranger and lesser-known creatures
(including carnivorous mice that howl at the moon, cross-dressing cuttlefish, and antechinuses—small marsupials that literally mate themselves to death). Finally, there are the ‘aliens on Earth’—the incredible, the surreal, the magical—such as
tardigrades, tongue-eating lice and immortal jellyfish, creatures so astonishing that they make unicorns look rather commonplace.
Written by a zoologist with a flair for storytelling, this is a fascinating celebration of the animal kingdom.
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