Mrs. Jeffries Stalks the Hunter

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
August 2019
7 hours 49 minutes
She keeps house for Inspector Witherspoon . . . and keeps him on his toes. Everyone's awed by his Scotland Yard successes-but they don't know about his secret weapon. No matter how messy the murder or how dirty the deed, Mrs. Jeffries's polished detection skills are up to the task . . . proving that behind every great man there's a woman-and that a crimesolver's work is never done.

Sir Edmund Leggett is flattered to be stalked by a young lady-who makes herself scarce after he's murdered in cold blood. The police hold the young woman to blame. But Inspector Witherspoon has other ideas and consults his housekeeper, Mrs. Jeffries-who always gets to the heart of the matter.
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