Mrs. Pollifax Pursued

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
July 2012
5 hours 58 minutes
A missing salami leads Mrs. Pollifax to a shocking discovery: a woman is hiding in her house. Even more unsettling is the revelation that ever since the young woman had a chance encounter with the heir to the throne of Ubangiba, she has been followed by deadly hitmen. What do these men want?
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Entertaining, yet neither simplistic nor stupid.

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Colman K.

Mrs Pollifax's eleventh outing as Dorothy Gilman's unlikely CIA operative was my second time with the series and author. The Unexpected Mrs Pollifax, the series opener was enjoyed a month or two ago. Best book ever? No, but enough to keep me amused and entertained throughout. I enjoyed the narration by Barbara Rosenblat, who brings Emily to life for me. In the first book, Mrs Pollifax was widowed. Calm, unflappable and capable of adapting to whatever strange circumstance she finds herself in, Mrs Pollifax is a recent discovery for me and a welcome one.

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Carôle C.

This was a light read, but quite intricately interesting. Very bitty and requiring Mr. Carstairs specific, individual attention and involvement! This was also unique in that, Mrs. P wasn’t sent on assignment to anywhere, by anyone, but accidentally gets embroiled in a weird escape attempt and reaches out to Bishop to help her out! Quite coincidentally she gets taken to a ‘Safe House’ where someone (for some reason), has just been stabbed! Confused, you will be when you factor in the abduction of a Billionaire, a suspicious white van and a green sedan. Not forgetting a missing piece of chipotle and 4 tins of sardines! Nothing harrowing about this adventure, but a full cast of characters!

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