Mrs. Pollifax Unveiled

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
May 2000
6 hours 42 minutes
The 14th in the Mrs. Pollifax series, Mrs. Pollifax Unveiled joins its predecessors as a delightful source of entertainment and suspense. After all her harrowing adventures in various parts of the world, America's most endearing and unlikely CIA agent is bored with her gardening. When headquarters calls with a deadly mission, she's ready with passport in hand. After single-handedly thwarting hijackers on a flight to the Middle East, a young American woman has become an instant celebrity. Following television interviews at the airport in Damascus, she disappears. Was she kidnapped by the terrorists, or is she just hiding? Posing as the girl's aunt, Mrs. P. searches for her 'niece' and uncovers a sinister plot that could send shock waves around the world. Part of the anticipation of hearing about Mrs. Pollifax's latest adventures is knowing that narrator Barbara Rosenblat will be part of the package. Both popular in their own right, they make an irresistible team.
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