Mrs. Wiggins

Written by:
Mary Monroe
Narrated by:
Shari Peele

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
March 2021
9 hours 41 minutes
Reminiscent of her captivating, scandalous Mama Ruby series, New York Times bestselling author Mary Monroe crafts a story set in the Deep South during the Depression, in this tale of a woman determined to have a respectable life—no matter what it costs to keep it …
The daughter of a prostitute mother and an alcoholic father, Maggie Franklin knew her only way out was to marry someone upstanding and church-going. Someone like Hubert Wiggins, the most eligible man in Lexington, Alabama—and
the son of its most revered preacher. Proper and prosperous, Hubert is glad to finally have a wife, even one with Maggie’s background. For Hubert has a secret he desperately needs to stay hidden. And Maggie’s unexpected charm, elegance,
and religious devotion makes her the perfect partner in lies …
Their surprising union makes the Wiggins’ the town’s most envied couple— complete with a son, Claude, whom Maggie idolizes. Until he falls in love with the worst possible fiancée. Terrified, Maggie won’t let Daisy destroy her son. And
when her employer’s brother sexually harasses her, Maggie knows something needs to be done about him as well. In fact, she realizes there are an awful lot of sinning “disruptive” people who should be eliminated from her perfect world …
But the more Maggie tries to take control, the more obstacles are thrown in her way. And when it seems like the one person she always expected to be there is starting to drift away, Maggie will play one final, merciless game to secure what
she’s fought so hard to earn …
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Christina Henderson

The book was marvelously written, though, I was a little disappointed with how the book ended. It was a good listen though.

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Shani J.

I enjoyed this book. I gave it a 4 star (would really give it a 4 1/2 star if I could) because I needed a bit more closure with the ending. I will definitely read more books by Mary Monroe. Loved the narrator.

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acacia colter

great book

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You reap what you sow! Enjoyed the book Mary takes us there with her.

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Latasha P.

I love Mary Monroe's books and this doesn't disappoint! Always plot twists, so real, so entertaining, so gripping! Always touches my soul...I always hate for the book to end

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Latoya L.

Maggie is a woman that would go to great lengths to get what she wants. I mean, she willingly married a gay man, so she could be married. Maggie even went to find a man who looked like her husband so she could get pregnant, and so that the child would pass as theirs. #Book22of2021 #bookworm #whatsnext

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Sabra G.

What an amazing story! I couldn’t stop listening. Cultural. Mysterious. Surprising! What a character is Maggie, the multifaceted.

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loved this book...loved the ending

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Every author has a story to tell, but it may not be for everyone to read. There was no redemption in this story. Sad upon sad. Not for me or readers who may struggle with hopeless plots. The narrator was fabulous tho

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Crazy but good. Karma. I enjoyed it

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Suzanne M.

Highly enjoyable and subtly educational on a different time and race. Great what will happen ending.

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Jennifer G.

I did not want the story to stop. The narrator was stellar. I will listen to this book again

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Wow! Totally unexpected ending...great narrator...could barely wait to get to the end

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This is a book with twists. Loved that I felt like I was there.

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Liane C.

This book was a different read. I could easier understand the thought process but cannot justify action. It wasn’t a joyful read but it it was a good story.

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A delightful and amusing book. I loved it!

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Linda M.

Loved the suspense and creativity of this writing. The historical racism and homophonic ignorance and those struggles is woven throughout the story.

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Nina H.

Unexpected twists and turns that kept you wanting to continue listening! Really enjoyed the strength of the narrator. This was my first Mary M book, will def listen to another.

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Lelly S.

I couldn’t help but listen :-) right from the beginning the story just grabbed me. Narrated beautifully!

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Very much like Ms Monroe; a great book. however not the ending I expected.

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Karla H.

I have not read one of Mary Monroe’s books in awhile, so I forgot how much I enjoy her writing. This one did not disappoint, enjoyable from start to finish. Highly recommend!

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sheresa riley

Really enjoyed this book.

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Obviously, I had heard of Mary Monroe, but I had never read any of her books. Well, after listening to Mrs. Wiggins, I will be reading all of her books. This story was insane. We follow the story of Maggie and Hubert Wiggins, starting with their wedding day. Maggie had been molested and raped as a young girl, so she had no interest in sex. Hubert had a secret that really couldn’t come out in 1917, so Maggie was the perfect wife for him. Life goes pretty good until their son Claude is in his early 20’s. Then problems start cropping up and Maggie is a problem solver. While I would never actually do any of the things that Maggie had done, I still liked her. I could really empathize with her. The author really gave us a sense of small town life in Alabama during the Jim Crow era. Great descriptions. The narrator was phenomenal. Her voice really added to the story. The only thing that I will caution readers about that there are several mentions of suicide so if that is a trigger, be aware. Thank you to Netgalley and RB Media for the ARC. All opinions expressed are my own.

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