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Muckross Abbey and Other Stories

Written by:
Sabina Murray
Narrated by:
Kitty Kelly

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
March 2023
5 hours 24 minutes
'I binge-read this book, savoring the gothic creepiness at the heart of each tale. Packed with compelling, nuanced lives and the deaths that haunt them, each story is a seance-an invitation for unsettled spirits to let their presence be known, 'desperate for someone to supply the narrative.' Murray supplies it with great style and an uncanny knowingness, leaving room for our imagination to fill in the suggestive spaces with our own dark dread.' -MONA AWAD, author of All's Well

Sabina Murray has long been celebrated for her mastery of the gothic. Now in Muckross Abbey and Other Stories, she returns to the genre, bringing listeners to haunted sites from a West Australian convent school to the moors of England to the shores of Cape Cod in ten strange tales that are layered, meta, and unforgettable.

From a twisted recasting of Daphne du Maurier's Rebecca, to an actor who dies for his art only to haunt his mother's house, to the titular 'Muckross Abbey,' an Irish chieftain burial site cursed by the specter of a flesh-eating groom-in this collection Murray gives us painters, writers, historians, and nuns all confronting the otherworldly in fantastically creepy ways. With notes of Wharton and James, Stoker and Shelley, now drawn into the present, these macabre stories are sure to captivate and chill.
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