The Mud Flood Hypothesis: The History of the Conspiracy Theory about the Global Empire of Tartaria

The Mud Flood Hypothesis: The History of the Conspiracy Theory about the Global Empire of Tartaria

Narrated by:
David Van Der Molen
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Release Date
December 2022
2 hours 16 minutes
From time to time, a new theory about world history still makes an appearance, particularly interesting when based on a geological reality. A popular notion at present is the existence of a great empire covering the bulk of Asia and Russia until only one hundred years ago that was destroyed and covered up to enable the rise of present nations. This was accomplished by worldwide deluges of mud, modern energy weapons, and the erasure of an advanced architectural and technological civilization that was far beyond its time. Over the past four years, the theory has developed branch extensions that go off in seemingly all directions.

The “mud flood” hypothesis is centered around the ancient empire of Tartaria, or Tartary, as it existed two hundred years ago, a continent-wide showcase of advanced architecture, transportation, free energy, and wireless technology. Tartary is generally described as occupying a large portion of Asia and Russia, bounded by the Caspian Sea and the Ural Mountains, the Pacific Ocean and Bulgaria, and the southern borders of China, India, and Persia. At one point, it took up the vast bulk of the Russian continent.

Tartaria is a story in present circulation as a country that once seemed known to the world but is now forgotten. Tartaria, Tartary, or Grand Tartaria troubles online researchers as they look over old maps dating back as far as the fifteenth century. The intrigue began with a declassified document from the CIA in 1957, mentioning the deletion of the country’s history at the hands of communist attackers. The Khanate of Khazan (Bulgaria) was named Tatarstan, a republic of the Russian Federation that purportedly flew the same flag as ancient Tartaria. In a map of 1824, Chinese-Tartaria and China appear to coexist. By 1850, Mongolia begins to appear where independent Tartaria was before, while China expands to become an empire and Tartaria disappears from view.
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