Written By: Davidson King

Narrated By: Philip Alces, John Solo

Date: September 2020

Duration: 6 hours 6 minutes


Atlas Durand's whole world is built from the spoils of his past. Joker's Sin is the most popular gay club in all of Haven Hart. Many clubs have come and gone, none able to compete with Atlas and his enigmatic power over his patrons. He would do anything to keep it thriving and anyone who stands in his way will be met with serious regrets.

Toby St. Claire hates working at Vick's Tricks and longs for his nights off so he can go to Joker's Sin. Like everyone who steps foot into Atlas's club, he's taken by the owner himself and the magical pulse that owns him when he's there. Joker's Sin is Toby's escape from his life and Atlas is his dream come true.

When Toby's boss realizes he can use Toby to help take down Joker's Sin and make Vick's Tricks the club to beat in Haven Hart, it turns everything upside down. Lies, deceit, and corruption threaten to tear Atlas and Toby apart. Is their love strong enough to survive it all or will they become victims of mayhem?

Contains mature themes.


  • Anonymous

    I really enjoyed this a lot. Atlas I need him in my life larger then life and the owner of Jokers sin, Toby is such a sweet guy and somehow they work or do to me. John Solo also PhilipAlces brings it to life give it a depth that reading don’t. This is one that I will listen to again as I really enjoy this author writing.

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  • Jessica Kennedy

    there is absolutely nothing better than having some of your favorite characters "come to life" through audio! Atlas and Toby are amazing together and the story/journey of how they get there is just as if not more amazing! I highly recommend this series in book and audio form

  • Jen R.

    John and Philip did an excellent job bringing Atlas and Toby to life as well as secondary characters. They kept the listener engaged in the story and made it so enjoyable. I loved it. I loved it. I loved it This is the first book of the Jokers Sinn series and I devoured this book in one day. I could not put it down. Davidson knew how to draw you in with likable characters and the pain they live with. There was fear instilled in Toby for him to do the things he did which resulted in Atlas rethinking everything about him. However, one thing I felt was Atlas has a huge heart and knows how to forgive. They were so super sweet together and knew how to tear up the sheets. Lol. I loved all of the secondary characters and can’t wait for their books too. There wasn’t a lot of angst, but just enough, which was fine with me as you can tell because I was sucked in. Bring on the next book. I can’t wait.

  • Lissa K.

    I adore Davidson King's stories and this new series which is set in the fantastic world of Haven Hart is no exception. Meeting Atlas in the previous series I hoped for a story all for him...and we got one! Atlas and Toby are adorable and watching them fall in love was everything. Narration of this story was beautifully done. Love listening to Davidson King's stories come to life.

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My Whole World, Davidson King
My Whole World, Davidson King
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My Whole World, Davidson King
This title is due for release on September 29, 2020
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My Whole World, Davidson King
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My Whole World, Davidson King

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