Unabridged Audiobook

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July 2019
11 hours 18 minutes
Grief and loneliness have been my closest friends for a year, and a change is long overdue. A walk down memory lane in my hometown sounds ideal to start letting go of this never-ending sorrow and try to meet again the carefree, happy girl I once was.

But back in Texas, it's not that girl I meet first.

Nate Bowers, president of the Chaos Chasers, is not a saint. He says so himself. As a pragmatic teacher, I should flee from that handsome man as fast as I can. But behind his hard exterior and primitive side, all I see in his brown eyes is a caring, gentle man he shows only to me. And when a past that I didn't even know was mine tries to harm me, letting me know that Evil can borrow the sweetest face and leave you totally unaware of the danger surrounding you, Nate's protectiveness has me falling for him.

By his side, I live again. With his hands and raw touch, he brings back fire into my body, making me feel like a woman again. With his presence, he shoves the loneliness out of my heart. That's why when my past literally forces me to choose between my newfound needs and the safety of the man who has found his way into my soul, the choice is torture.

Contains mature themes.
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Gege M.

The book was ok. Around chapter 16 the plot is revealed and it was so far fetched, I couldn't hang in there. Narration is decent.

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Holly Leach

The characters were developed ok. There was fighting, anger, violence, other than that... kinda boring. I'm not entirely sure it's the book or the female narrator.... do not recommend.

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