Necessary Death: What Horror Movies Teach Us About Navigating the Human Experience

Narrated by:
Joe Hempel

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
October 2023
6 hours 37 minutes
Based on very real and practical commentary, life experience, and occasionally, tongue-in-cheek-misfortunes of horror legends, Necessary Death explores how the horror genre offers individuals a unique opportunity for insight and understanding of their own lives.

Using some of the most quintessential movies in the genre, Chris Grosso and Preston Fassel invite listeners to an in-depth examination of the human condition-its fears, anxieties, hopes, joys, sorrows, and everything in-between-and how it's all grist for our personal and collective evolutionary mill. A hallmark of the genre is how horror films force their characters to find some semblance of inner strength and wherewithal in order to stand up to the monster, ghost, or villain that is trying to take their lives. Through fascinating discussion of this and other elements, Fassel and Grosso relate these films' dark subject matter and characters to real world issues people face every day. This sharp analysis is complemented by exercises that prompt listeners to consider gratitude, forgiveness, determination, and bravery in the face of adversity.

An unusual mix of film study and self-help, Necessary Death might surprise or even shock listeners, but it will also enlighten, educate, and most importantly hearten those looking for an unexpected source of inspiration.
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