New York Dead

Written by:
Stuart Woods
Narrated by:
Richard Ferrone

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
March 2012
8 hours 56 minutes
It's pure luck that places Stone Barrington on the streets in the dead of night, just in time to witness the horrifying incident that turns his life inside out. Suddenly he is on the front page of every New York newspaper, and his life is hopelessly entwined in the increasingly shocking life (and perhaps death) of Sasha Nijinsky, the country's hottest and most beautiful television anchorwoman. Stone finds himself caught in a perilous web of unspeakable crimes, dangerous friends, and sexual depravity.
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Bunty Ong

Very good! Always enjoyed books by Stuart Woods. His books on Stone Barrington are excellent. Full of humour with lots of action as well. Looking forward for more of Stone Barrington and adventures.

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James E.

I think I've listened to every Stone Barrington book there is. I found this one to be the best one. Really enjoyed it. Richard Ferrone is an excellent narrator.

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Riveting Stone Barrington novel as usual!

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Good listen. Well thought out plot.

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cynthia Lindbom

I just love most anything Stuart Woods writes. I figured out "who dunnit" (or thought I did) pretty early on...but the serial killer in this one was truly creepy...didn't see THAT one coming..or at least like THAT!

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Michael W.

Not bad. I enjoyed it but I had picked out the murderer early on. Granted it still had some really good surprises.

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I have been reading Stuart Woods novels for years. It was fun to finally listen to the very first one and find out how it all started!

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Jacklyn V.

Started as an interesting mystery but towards the end be came a little wierd, I dot care for the ending nor all the sexual innuendos throughout this book.

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Robert D.

Great story but some the sex scenes read like grade d erotica.

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Book was good till the end, disappointment there

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Very typical of the early 2010's mystery books written by men. Everything is very male, very white. Female characters, even main ones, exist as sex objects, very little was said about them except their appearances and if they were good in bed. That said, the story was a true mystery and you couldn't have guessed the outcome until the very end. I enjoyed the narrator.

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Wanda H.

Great Book. Love Richard Ferrone.

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Very well written and interesting. Also, very good narration.

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Typical Stone Barrington novel, but this one fills in the backstory not mentioned in the later books.

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Christine P.

Loved it!

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John C.

I thoroughly enjoyed this book I am starting to go back and listen to the first half of this Siri that I have not heard before

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Mark D.

I've completed about 20 Stone Barrington books so far and really enjoyed going back to the beginning and seeing how it all started, especially Stone's and Geno's friendship.

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Sue S.

This is my first Stone Barrington book and I enjoyed the storyline quite a bit. I was not impressed with the narrator and feel like I would have enjoyed the book more with a different narrator. I could barely distinguish between characters which is what makes a good narrator imho. I will get one or two more in this series to give it a good chance though.

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Nancy B

Love Stone Barrington. Had listened to most of the series, but needed something to listen to on a trip, so I decided to start at the beginning. I had not listened to the beginning of his story, so we enjoyed it and are listening to book 2 in this series. Found the narrator good, but am used to Tony Roberts and his voices, which is unfair to this narrator. Will continue with early books til I get to where I started.

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Betsy H

I went back to the beginning after reading a later Stone Barrington book. This first in the series helped me set the stage in my mind for the later books and had an unexpected ending, which I like. I intend to read the entire series in order now. Although Tony Roberts narrates all subsequent books the narrator of this one did a good job.

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